Working Groups

Botanicals – Chair Jonathan Griffiths 

The botanicals working group brings together experts from EHPM’s national associations.  The approach that will be taken to the regulation of the use of botanicals in food supplements is currently under consideration by the European Commission and Member States. As this area is not currently subject to harmonised EU legislation, the EHPM working group brings together expertise on the different systems in place in EU member states. The pooling of this expertise will be used to produce EHPM input into the EU policy development process.

Communications – Chair Magdalini Selanikli

The Communications working group is responsible for managing EHPM’s internal and external communications. The group looks at ways in which EHPM can best complement and support the work of its national associations through internal communication and also focusses on developing EHPM’s external communication. The food supplement industry makes a valuable contribution to the European economy both through the employment it provides through the SMEs that make up over 90% of the sector but also through the health benefits that food supplements deliver to EU citizens.

Regulatory & Quality – Chair Martin Last

The EU is constantly producing legislation that impacts on the day to day operation of food supplement companies affecting factors such as:

  • What ingredients can be used in products
  • What indications must appear on labelling and where
  • What claims can be made on products

EHPM’s national associations have experts that constantly update member companies on the evolving regulatory requirements. The requlatory and quality working group brings together these experts to discuss changing requirement but also to develop policy input to the European institutions to shape the nature of these requirements. EHPM has led the way the field of quality for the food supplement industry through the EHPM Guality Guide. EHPM’s national association also work closely with their national authorities to promote industry best practices and standards. Quality is an ongoing process and one that never reaches an end. The regulatory and quality working group is constantly examining areas where the EHPM Quality Guide can be improved in line with the emergence of new best practices.

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Our Mission

EHPM represents the interests of specialist health product manufacturers and distributors in Europe. It works towards developing an appropriate regulatory framework throughout the EU for its members' products, and promotes industry best practices for product quality and safety.

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