The Board

Martin Last - Deputy Chairman

Martin Last is the founder of MPL Marketing Services and Anyone 4 Tea, and is a marketing consultant in the healthcare industry, focusing on food supplements and health-related products.  As an established and high profile International consultant with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Martin has a successful track record of helping companies develop markets in the UK and EU for branded ingredients and finished products. Martin is an active member of the Council of the major UK trade association, the Health Food Manufacturers' Association (HFMA) and recently completed a successful term as Chair of that Association. In addition to his role as Deputy Chairman of EHPM, Martin also chairs the EHPM regulatory and quality working group.


Harald Dittmar

Harald Dittmar has been the Managing Director of the German Federation BDIH - Federation of Manufacturers and Distributors for pharmaceuticals, health products, food supplements and cosmetics. A lawyer by training, in addition to his role with BDIH that he took up in 1992, he is also the owner of the law firm Dittmar Rechtsanwälte that is located in Mannheim that specializes in food, cosmetic and competition law. Under his leadership, BDIH has grown from an association with 30 national members active in the field of OTC products and food supplements to a membership of more than 400 national and international SME member firms that are manufacturers and retailers of health products. He is also the Managing Director of International Organic and Natural Cosmetics Corporation and a board member of Cosmos-Standard, a European alliance of standard setters and certifiers of natural and organic cosmetics. Harald is the vice-chair of EHPM's regulatory and quality working group.


Antonino Santoro

Dr Antonino Santoro is a graduate in Chemistry from the University of Messina in Italy. He responsible for regulatory affairs and business development at Rottapharm/Madaus a leading international company in the area of food supplements, cosmetic and medicinal products. With a background in research and product development, Antonino also teaches Regulatory Affairs at the University of Favia. He is the author several academic scientific publications in addition to holding several patents. Antonino has been a board member of EHPM’s Italian member FEDERSALUS since 2005 and has served as its Vice-President since 2013. He was elected to the EHPM board in March 2013.


Magdalini Selanikli - Treasurer

Magdalini Selanikli is regulatory affairs manager with the Greek company ISO Plus with specific responsibility for Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. She holds a bachelor degree in political science from Aristotle University and a Masters in international relations and diplomacy from Leiden University. Through her expertise in regulatory affairs, Magdalini is intimately familiar with the impact of EU and national legislation for food supplement companies placing products on the market. In particular, she has considerable insight into the challenges faced by EU companies when trying to enter the national market in other member states. She was elected to the EHPM board in March 2013. Magdalini has also been a board member of EHPM’s Greek member SESDI and chairs EHPM’s communications working group. Magdalini has been EHPM Treasurer since January 2016.


Bartosz Demianiuk

Bartosz Demianiuk has been a Vice Chair at the Polish Council for Food Supplements and Nutritional Food (known better as KRSiO) since 2016. He has been responsible for finance aspects (especially budget) and cooperation with national and international organisations, collaboration with the members and representing the Board and associated companies during regulatory and lobbing processes. He has started his professional career in 1994, and later on, for about 20 years, he’s joined EWA Krotoszyn SA company team. Bartosz has been working there at different positions, continuing his personal growth, and since the beginning of 2013 he reached the company’s General Manager position and became the President of the Board, being responsible for the whole business and ca. 250 employees. Bartosz was elected to the EHPM Board in 2019



Jonathan Griffith

Jonathan Griffith is the Managing Director and Quality Assurance Manager of the Natural Medicine Company Limited, a licenced pharmaceutical wholesaler of health products in Ireland.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Mental & Moral Science from Trinity College, Dublin. In 1986, he was a founding member of the Irish Health Product Manufacturers Association (now the Irish Health Trade Association) and acted as its General Secretary between 1986 and 1998.  He was a vice-chairman of the EHPM Board between 2002 and 2006.  He was one of the Irish delegates to the European Scientific Co-Operative for Phytotherapy (ESCOP) between 1989 and 2006 and is an honorary member of the Irish Society of Homoeopaths. In addition to his extensive experience in national and international regulatory affairs, Jonathan has worked directly with a number of leading companies in the industry sector importing and distributing health products across national borders.  He has specific expertise in the regulations governing the wholesaling of food, cosmetic and medicinal products in the European Union. Jonathan chairs EHPM’s botanicals working group.


Nicolas Cappelaere

Nicolas BW 01Nicolas Cappelaere has over 25 years' experience in the food supplement and pharmaceutical industry. He is a qualified chemist engineer and also has a Master's in Business administration. He founded INELDEA Laboratories in 2003. Through his professional career he has specific expertise in export and business management and strategy. He is a member of the union SFNS (French union for specialized nutrition). He has been a member of the board of EHPM's French member association SYNADIET since 2008 and has also served as its Vice-President. Nicolas was elected to the EHPM board in January 2016. He is 49 years old and married with 2 children.


 Bolke Koster

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 15.55.46

Bolke Koster started his career in the field of finance at three consecutive Amsterdam based companies. Bolke Koster has been working in the health products industry since 2001 in various financial, commercial and management roles. He is CEO and owner of the Dutch food supplements company Vitals. He is also co-founder and chairman of a foundation for education concerning supplementation in complementary healthcare. Since 2012, Bolke Koster has been a board member of NPN, the Dutch association affiliated with EHPM. He is currently their Chairman. 




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EHPM represents the interests of specialist health product manufacturers and distributors in Europe. It works towards developing an appropriate regulatory framework throughout the EU for its members' products, and promotes industry best practices for product quality and safety.

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